The country

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Myanmar, previously known as Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia. It is bordered by China to the North, Laos and Thailand in the East, and India and Bangladesh in the West. 

The landscapes are diverse with mountainous regions in the North, the arid central plateau, subtropical jungle in Eastern Shan and Karen states, the fertile flatlands of the Irrawaddy delta region and the Andaman Islands in the South. The Irrawaddy River courses the length of the Western side of the country serving as the nation’s lifeline. Rich in natural resources with and more than 130 ethnic groups, Myanmar is one of the most diverse countries in Asia. 

There are only three dermatology training and specialist care centres in the whole country, with less than 100 dermatologists serving a population of 55 million people. People with skin problems may need to travel great distances, sometimes taking many days to reach the nearest dermatology centre.