Clinical services

BSI-Bacterial skin infection

BSI-Blistering skin diseases

BSI-Eczema flare

BSI-Herpes Zoster




BSI-Psoriasis flare

BSI-Urticaria and Hives

BSI-Severe Acne

Development of sustainable skincare services including in remote and resource limited settings. More information coming soon.


Kawthaung General Hospital in Myanmar - February 2020


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The teledermatology initiative is not just a virtual clinical service; it will create unparalleled opportunities for enhanced learning for healthcare workers on both sides of the platform.

Online webinars and complementary one-page dermatology algorithms are designed for ease of access and download, especially for remote areas and suboptimal internet connections. 

Task-shifting skincare services to be delivered by non-specialist doctors, nurses and community healthcare workers has been an innovative approach of the BSI.